It’s as simple as to sell delicious food and fresh drinks; 
That our foods be at once creative as well as seasonally attractive, combining both traditional and modern cooking styles; That we keep our concept innovative and inspirational, fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the restaurant business; That we meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism in service to our customers; That we consistently provide our customers with impeccable service, by presenting a staff that is always warm and gracious, efficient and courteous; That every customer who comes through our doors leave impressed by EAT, excited to come back again; That a customer’s experience here today be something you will want to share with your best friend or family member tomorrow; That we create and maintain a restaurant that is exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation, from our greetings to you when you enter, to saying thank you when you depart. That we create a friendly, diverse, cooperative and rewarding work environment, encouraging long time employment and a mutually beneficial and satisfying business relationship;

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Paul and Rosario are just two guys that grew up on Long Island, New York with a passion for the hospitality and restaurant industry, now seeking to make EAT the culmination of their vision.

Rosario brings to the table a host of experiences managing bakeries and restaurants both in New York and, Florida, in Delray Beach and Boca Raton. From the ground up, Rosario has accumulated knowledge in all fields of the restaurant business, most recently having served as an executive chef in some of South Florida’s best culinary establishments.

Paul’s entrepreneurial and business acumen has seen him manage some of South Florida’s most successful nightclubs, along with a host of restaurants and hospitality establishments. A real estate developer, Paul’s endeavors over 36 years have a history and knack for creating opportunity where there are openings, doing it uniquely and well.

Together, Paul and Rosario now bring EAT to Wilton Manors, jointly providing a recipe and menu for success with an alluring restaurant in an emerging community looking for a modern dining experience to share with your friends and neighbors.
Come out to EAT with us today.

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